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Native American Painter - Clifford Brycelea

The Northern Country Fall - Influenced by his experiences in Canada, Clifford paints the serenity of a tipi encampment as he remembers seeing it along the St Laurence seaway. A very limited number of giclee prints of this image are available for $300. (There are 99 prints in the edition.)

Limited edition giclee prints - $300

Placing the Crystals - the shooting star Gods are placing crystals in the dark sky, lighting up the night sky. As the firelight reflects on them, one is recording the events, others are holding the bowls of crystals, or listening to the chants from the Kiva. (There are 800 prints in the edition.)

Limited edition prints - $150

Clifford Brycelea - Navajo Artist

Whether using watercolors, acrylics or pen-and-ink, Clifford Brycelea evokes images of the land and spirit of Native America. He is an award winning Navajo artist, who realizes that he has the power to influence and to reach many people with his painting. He regards his ability, to make a visual statement, with great respect. In every Brycelea painting there is a story, and for every person the story is different.

Clifford's subjects nearly always reflect a culture and belief of Native Americans. He has studied many Indian cultures and he does not limit his subjects to the Navajo. Clifford has found that all Indians have a common ground in their legends, their stories and their lifestyles. He tries to bring those ideas to people who appreciate his paintings with images that are real, mystical, and spiritual.

Since graduating in 1975 from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado,Clifford has shown his work in galleries throughout the country. He has illustrated books, magazine articles and continues to experiment with different painting techniques. Tribal Expressions is pleased to exhibit exceptional original paintings by Clifford Brycelea.

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