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Artwork by Art Menchego

Art Menchego Watercolor

"Warrior of Earth People"
Pastel 20 x 15 1/2 - $sold

"Old Time Dene Warrior"
Oil on Canvas - 22" x 25" - $800

"Chiefs Wife" - Pencil Drawing - $420

"Council Chief" - Pencil Drawing - 15" x 13" - $420

Art Menchego
Santa Ana Pueblo

Art Menchego was born on the Santa Ana Pueblo in New Mexico where he has lived his entire life. Like many Native Americans, he learned the "old ways" from his grandmother who spoke no English. He learned as a child that the animals and birds with whom we share this land have powers. From early childhood, Art began to sketch and draw so that he could record and share his experiences with others.

In choosing subject matter, Art leans naturally toward the alliance between man and beast. His strong Indian figures of great dignity are allowed to draw from the powers of the eagle, bear, or puma which many times joins them on the canvas. Man and beast, each lending dignity and courage, and each deriving the same from the other.

Art is an accomplished artist in pencil, charcoal, oil, acrylic, pastels,and watercolor. An indication of his skill is evidenced by the many awards Art has received. Art has been a consistent winning of awards for his work since he made his commitment to art as a full time profession in 1980.

The name given him at birth is "Ka-Whe-Tewa", which means "where there is snow". Described as "a man of few artist of great expression" Arthur James Menchego was born February 10, 1950at Ta-Ma-Ya (Santa Ana Pueblo) into the White Cloud Eagle Clan (Bald Eagle).