Pastel Paintings by Alice Yazzie

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"Birds of a Feather" First Place pastel, Santa Fe Indian Market. The composition is of Mimbres style birds and three dimensional effigy pots.

Five plates with horse images are placed in front of 4 jars. Pastel framed by the artist 22" x 81/2", image size 17" x 3" - $400

Olla and bowl -

Alice with Stella Teller working with pastel

Alice Yazzie

Alice Yazzie has perfected the use of pastels. Recognition of this ability was given to Alice when she was awarded Best of Painting Division at the1997 Indian Market and1st place for pastels at the 2000 Indian Market. Alice is also well known for having done the art work for the Navajo Nation Fair poster in 1992.

Alice Yazzie is typical of the gifted Dine. She was born and raised in the wide-open country south of Hubbell Trading Post near Klagetoh, Arizona. Alice studied in reservation boarding schools where teachers recognized her ability from her earliest school days. She was raised in an artistic family, was taught to weave by her mother and was weaving on her own by age six. She has known from childhood that she wanted to be an artist.

After high school, Alice attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago.lice has accumulated multiple awards in Indian and non-Indian markets for her paintings and pastels. Most recently, Alice received Best of Classification III, Drawings, Paintings, and Graphics awarded at the 1997 Indian Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The award winning pastel stood out with technically superior execution, detail, lighting and composition.

Pastel mastery enables Alice Yazzie to illustrate historic pottery that allow collectors to purchase a single piece or an entire collection of historic pottery designs for their walls. Alice excels in use of pastels. A French term to describe ground colored pigments formed into a crayon, and the resulting pictures drawn with such crayons. Alice uses the soft pale colors to give depth and dimension to her still life drawings. She has the ability to render the jagged edge of a broken pot or to replicate detailed Mimbres pottery designs. Her composition abilities are punctuated with a variety of subjects, including pottery, Navajo rugs, baskets, animals and birds. Tribal Expressions is pleased to exhibit the exceptional pastel drawings of Alice Yazzie.

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