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The Fragua Family Pottery

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Juanita Fragua is the 7th of 9 children from the Jemez pueblo. A member of the corn clan, Juanita often uses corn designs on her pottery. Jaunita's pots are painted with soft gray-blues, tans, and chalky whites. She is best known for her melon bowls and wedding vases. Juanitas two daughters, Gledora and B.J. (Betty-Jean) are also sought after for their beautiful pots. We currently have an excellent selection of pottery from the Juanita, Glendora and BJ.

Lizard seed pot by Glendora Fragua

Lizard seed pot by Glendora Fragua
3" diameter

Turtle Seed pot by Glendora Fragua

This red egg shape with a turtle design and turquoise by Glendora stands 2 3/4" high

Pottery by BJ Fragua

BJ Fragua painted the simple cloud design into a carved recessed area in this vase - 8" x 6 1/2"

Pottery by BJ Fragua

BJ Fragua carved the recessed areas and then painted the corn maiden design in this bowl. She then combined additional pueblo designs to create a beautiful piece.

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