Tribal Expressions Pottery by Pahponee

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Gourd shape pot
6" x 4" - $400

Seed pot with "All My Relations" designs
2 1/2" x 7" - $SOLD

Hollow form pot with buffalo designs 5" x 7" - $900

Seed pot with swirl design
2 3/4" x 6" - $500

Pahponee Kickapoo Potter

Pahponee is descendent of the Kickapoo and Potawatomi Nations. She is active in her people's traditional and contemporary lifestyle through religious and social customs. Pahponee involves herself continually with the creating of various clay vessels and forms.

Pahponee, or Snow Woman, received her Indian name from the elders of the Kickapoo tribe when she was 21. "I don't know why they saw the snow in me," she says. Perhaps the elders envisioned the purity and simplicity of her life. She is also proud of her German and Irish ancestors.

Before developing her own pottery style, Pahponee imitated the old designs she saw in museums. She soon realized that creating her own style was more rewarding than replicating the old. "I am a contemporary clay artist," she says with passion. She uses whatever works for her, including wheel-throwing and commercial clays. Much of her decorative pottery is created by dung firing. The dung is generously donated by buffalo, horse and cattle.

In many ways, Pahponee's pottery reflects the lives of modern Native Americans. "Most Indian tribes have thousands of years of tradition, and even though we drive modern cars and live in modern houses, and watch TV, we still believe tradition is very important."

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